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Till & Cash Accessories

This is just a taster of the various accessories we stock.  If you have any questions, please call.  We will be only too glad to help.

Olivetti TECNOST TC100 Time MasterOlivetti TECNOST TC100 Time Master

Record your employees hours with this simple but secure time recording clock. Allows for 2 in and 2 out in normal hours and 2 in and 2 out in extra time per day. Manual or Automatic Print Activation. Internal Calender: automatically adjusts for number of days in the month and leap year, including daylight savings time.

Till rollsTill rolls & Credit Card Machine Rolls

We sell a large selection of till rolls for cash registers, EPOS systems, credit card machines, calculators and more.

Various offers available throughout the year on www.discountrolls.co.uk.

Ink ProductsInk Products

If you need a printing cartridge or ribbon for your EPOS system we can supply you.

Most makes in stock, if we do not carry a certain make in stock we will have it within 2 working days. Many offers available throughout the year on www.discountrolls.co.uk

Note Detectors Note Detectors

When most counterfeit bank notes are placed in the Money Detector they will immediately fluoresce a vivid blue colour.

The watermark will be CLEARLY VISIBLE and the metallic strip will be shown on BOTH sides of the note as a CONTINUOUS LINE. Not all counterfeit bank notes will fluoresce, if in doubt, check the watermark, the metallic strip, the print should be very clear with colours well defined.


A range of EPOS and label printers are available to suit most EPOS applications. Impact and fast thermal printers provide reliable and low cost solutions. Add value to receipts using the latest colour printer. Faster than impact, permanent colour print and lots of graphics, less cost than thermal!

Note CountersNote & Coin Counters

The simple, fast and accurate way to automate counting notes and coins.

With voice support, TD talks you through your first count and ensures counting success thereafter. TD is simply smart cash control at the touch of a button.

Here's more detail on the Tellermate website

Coin Sorter / Counter DB-350Coin Sorter / Counter DB-350

The DB-350 will handle both Sterling and Euros. Counts and sorts 216 coins per minute and displays the totals.

It's simply smart cash control at the touch of a button! Compact yet durable these products are a must in any retail or hospitality environment.

Electronic ScalesElectronic Scales

We supply various Retail price computing electronic scales for general weighing applications

Offering grocery stores, sweetshops, market stalls, butchers various weigh-plates from flat, sweet scope to large vegetable scope

Here's more detail on the Toshiba TEC site

Cash Drawers Cash Drawers

Superb quality conventional style cash drawers, complete with locking lid to provide a secure box in which to transport the money.

Flip Top Lid Cash Drawers Flip Top Lid Cash Drawers

Heavy duty and robust, this portable cash drawer offers security and peace of mind.

With its locking lid plus shape and size, it can easily be built into any type of checkout. The insert is easy to carry and can be neatly stacked for secure storage. The drawer construction includes: nine coin compartments and 1 cheque compartment and with flexible drawer layout configurations, all currencies are easily accommodated.

Cash Drawers Undercounter Cash Safes

All metal safe undercounter storage for the excess notes in your cash drawer

Why risk keeping too much cash in the cash register drawer. Take away temptation by installing this secure storage for excess bank notes. The Slot Box locks into a metal retaining bracket under the counter. A different key removes the cassette from the Slot Box.

Cash GuardsCash Guards

Cash Guard is the simple answer to protect the cash in your cash register drawer. It is a see-through guard which permanently obstructs the opportunist thief from ‘cash grabbing’. It is simple to install, has no running costs and is inexpensive to purchase.

Keyboard Overlays for Cash RegistersKeyboard Overlays for Cash Registers

We have the software facility to set up most makes and models of cash registers keyboard overlays printed off in a variety of colours

To suit your specification.

Hospitality & Retail SoftwareHospitality & Retail Software

Back Office Stock Control and Management Information System. Our Software is suitable for a single store or multiple branches providing comprehensive reporting for both one location or consolidated branches.


We are Wetcover ltd approved dealers and can supply any make or model wetcover for any cash register.